Serve restrooms with different traffic flows, layouts and sizes with the same refill

Tork PeakServe is now available as standard and mini dispensers and as adapters for recessed towel cabinets, enabling you to meet the needs of your entire facility with the same refill. This reduces the number of products your staff needs to handle and store, and with the dispensers’ slim design, you can enhance the restroom experience without compromising on capacity. 
Tork Peakserve more flexibility for cleaning staff

More flexibility means more time to clean

  • Double the towels you can carry as they’re compressed by 50%* 
  • Cut refill time in half with up to 2100 towels per dispenser* 
  • Dispenser stays slim yet has 35% more capacity than other products on the market.*
  • Increase efficiency by using the same refill across the entire facility

Tork Peakserve get people in and out faster

Get people in and out much faster

  • Avoid run outs with 250% more hand towels*
  • Faster dispensing serves people in 3 seconds - quicker than jet air drying time
  • 600 more people served between refills*
  • Use the same system everywhere – Tork PeakServe offers dispensers for a variety of needs

Less waste and low consumption

Less waste and low consumption

  • Taking a towel is always smooth and easy with our patented continuous towel system
  • Lower consumption thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing
  • Fewer transports with smaller bundles makes lesser environmental impact
  • Store more towels on the cart, save storage space

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Our latest innovation explained



Bundles are compressed by 50 % giving up to 2,100 towels per dispenser*

Smart loading

Bundles are loaded from underneath for fast refilling at any time. Continuous bundles latch together as bundles are loaded

Easy dispense

Bundles dispense without interruption one towel at a time

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Compatible with Tork EasyCube®

In just a few short steps we can help you take greater control of your cleaning business, increasing efficiency and workflow management. To get started, fill in some basic information in the app, and let us know the number of locations you need. It's quick and simple, and you can update at any time. Read about Tork EasyCube® here