Ofrece el servicio y el ambiente que te gustaría con combinaciones de servilletas y productos de mesa que completen tu temática. Tanto si sirves aperitivos, solo bebidas, o comidas de cinco platos, nuestros productos pueden ayudarte a ahorrar tiempo y dinero, además de ofrecerte la eficacia y funcionalidad que necesitas.

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Keeping self-service customers moving while giving them the choice they want can be a hygienic challenge. You need refilling, waste management, and storage to be as seamless as possible. Our range of smart serving products, including the Tork Xpressnap Napkins Dispenser System, is designed to increase efficiency, so your staff can spend more time keeping customers happy, even in rush hour.
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Your customers notice when their dining experience is perfected down to the smallest detail. Our cleaning, wiping, and sanitizing products can help you provide unquestionable hygiene, but having the right finishing touches for your tables can also make a big difference. Our napkins and tableware come in a comprehensive range of colors, decors, qualities, fold, and sizes. Everything is designed to support the dining experience you want to create. Choose the soft-linen feel of our LinStyle® Dinner Napkins for a sophisticated touch, our Nexxstyle embossed Dinner Napkins for luxurious thickness.
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