Una buena experiencia en los baños repercutirá positivamente en la opinión de tus clientes sobre tu negocio. Ofrecemos una amplia gama de dispensadores y recambios para ayudarte a crear una buena impresión.

¿Cuáles son las necesidades básicas de tus sanitarios?

Wow factor style

When a washroom visit makes people want to talk about it afterwards, your design must stand out. Do you want to make a statement for you business and leave a lasting impression? Our Wow Factor Style products complement the high quality finish and materials of a luxurious washroom, so great design shines through. Exceptional care for your customers starts here.
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If you need cost-efficient, low-maintenance washrooms, where a lot of users get in and out quickly, the right components—including robust hygiene systems—are essential. Our one-at-a-time towel and tissue dispensers can help you control consumption. What's more, our high-capacity soap and paper refills help provide consistent service without committing resources for cleaning and maintenance.
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Washroom plus

If you want to invite washroom users to relax in a more comfortable environment and take care of more than just their basic needs, Tork Washroom Plus has everything you need. From our soft, comfortable, towels to our moisturizing lotion, visitors with diverse needs will appreciate the extra care and consideration you provide.
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Tork es una marca de SCA. SCA es líder global en higiene y productos forestales. Es una compañía que ofrece artículos de cuidado personal, productos tissue y forestales en alrededor de 100 países. SCA es considerada un punto de referencia en sustentabilidad y ha sido nombrada una de las empresas más éticas del mundo.  Para más información visita www.sca.com


SCA Chile S.A.

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Lampa, 9391279
Región Metropolitana.

Teléfono: 800 200 973



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