Improves the standard and experience of your washroom

Fits standard wall-mounted toilets and urinals Sleek modern design Digital media screen Adjust settings remotely

Saves time, effort and water too

Easier cleaning No touch flush Water-saving system for urinal

Keep it fresh and simple with Tork EasyCube

Sensors capture real-time usage data

Always fresh

Unique air-freshening system releases essential oil for an invigorating user experience

Cleaner - with less cleaning

Automatically flushes and cleans after use

Reduces need for cleaning

Data-based insights you can act on

Real-time data helps you monitor usage and plan efficient washroom cleaning

Available anywhere, anytime

New communication channel

Integrated media screen for digital communication and advertising revenue


Tork es una marca de SCA. SCA es líder global en higiene y productos forestales. Es una compañía que ofrece artículos de cuidado personal, productos tissue y forestales en alrededor de 100 países. SCA es considerada un punto de referencia en sustentabilidad y ha sido nombrada una de las empresas más éticas del mundo.  Para más información visita


SCA Chile S.A.

Panamericana Norte 22.550
Lampa, 9391279
Región Metropolitana.

Teléfono: 800 200 973


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